I am an experienced spiritual healer, therapist and energy guide who has had over thirty years experience. During a spiritual healing treatment I use my higher senses to detect imbalances.

The higher senses will find what energy is blocking the system and where it is located. The higher senses are able to see the energies of the aura, chakras and the etheric body. This can then be treated and restored back into a healthy state, which is usually felt by the patient as a form of well-being.

Spiritual healing is the main form of treatment that I use. Spiritual healing has the ability to transform negative forces that are affecting your life, such as anger. Other forms of treatment that I give are energy reading and a study of the chakras, both of which can be healed to a health. Homeopathy is also close to my heart as a natural from of treatment, which heals and restores the physical body back to health.

A treatment can also consist of energy guidance. Energy guidance can give greater clarity into where, how and why certain energies are blocked. This can then be treated accordingly. I also provide a service and treatment for a past life study. This form of treatment can reveal past life experiences that connect to what is happening today. This could be connected to a relationship that one is now in. A treatment can be given to re-balance a disturbance that’s related to that time.

I give energy guidance for individual and groups. The guidance goes beyond focusing on any symptom of imbalance. The treatment of where an imbalance occurred is of key importance for its transformation.  A treatment with spiritual healing can then be applied to restore mind, body, spirit and soul to good health.

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