Spiritual Healing

The way it works!

I have a natural gift of healing to which I became aware of when I was seven years old. I have been working with spiritual healing for over thirty years. My higher senses are fully open, which gives me the ability to see all energy fields. For example I am able to see the energies of the Aura, Etheric body and Chakras. These are areas that can be healed and balanced during a healing session.

Spiritual healing is a natural therapy that restores balance to energies that are blocking the flow of the Chi or Prana. This occurs through the natural transformation of negative energies that are present in the physical body. It could be that the patient is experiencing extreme anxiety because of an over stimulated central nervous system. Spiritual healing can re-balance this disorder by balancing the electromagnetic energy field of the patient via the etheric body. This will increase the flow of the Chi or Prana and revitalises the entire central nervous system. The patient usually directly feels the effect of such a healing and becomes more positive and present. The healing I give has long term effects.

The spiritual healer can also give valuable insight and guidance on how to transform negative energies.  A negative vibration or imbalance may be found to be in the physical body, chakras, aura or etheric body. Spiritual healing can also heal and balance abstract energy fields like the aura, chakras and the etheric body if required. I also give distant healing whenever it is requested.

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