House Cleansing

Restoring Peace and Harmony to Homes and Properties
House cleansing of homes and properties is a service that transforms and clears any negative energy that may pass through, under or near a house or property. That negative energy could be an underground stream, a magnetic vortex or a lay-line. The negative energy of an underground stream, magnetic vortex and a lay-line vary to a greater or lesser degree. For example an underground stream can have a strong negative effect upon a person through the negative polarity it creates. This can deplete the life force of the physical body.

A negative vortex can be found under or near to a house or dwelling. A vortex is an electromagnetic energy field that spirals upwards or downwards accordingly. If a vortex is close to or under a house it can cause ill-health over a period of time. This could be in areas such as the abdomen and central nervous system.

A layline is a band of energy that can be up to five meters across. It runs in a straight line that connects to a vortex where another layline enters. This in turn links to a third layline, which forms a triangle that’s connected to another triangle. These form a web of triangles that covers the earth. Not all laylines are negative. But if a negative layline is running through your property it will disturb the energies and cause ill-health. A symptom of ill-health is if you or another person in the house suffers from mild or strong headaches. You may notice that this occurs when you are sitting in a specific room or part of a house. This negative energy can also have a negative effect on the cellular energy of the physical body and the immune system.

Restoring peace and harmony to all forms of property is an important part of my service. Here is a link that will take you to my “Ghostbusting website“.

I am willing to travel to any part of the country to work and re-balance what is creating disharmony.

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