Regression Healing

Regression Healing with Meditation

With regression healing I have often found that some people hold onto past experiences, be it consciously or unconsciously. This can have a variety of negative effects upon their life. For example they may feel that there is something wrong in their life that is out of place or unfinished. There can also be a feeling that something has to be healed, but are not sure of where to begin? There may be something that’s connected to a previous life, which is having a negative influences on them today. They may have met someone that they have strong feelings for, but it is one way. They don’t understand why that person doesn’t feel the same about them, which upsets them. This may create sadness or depression, which takes them to the point of looking for answers.

Regression healing with meditation is a therapy that takes a person back into a specific time. During the meditation the person becomes the observer, which gives the opportunity for them to explore what took place during that time. During the regression healing the person will make contact with a previous experience, which can reveal what took place. From this neutral place the observer can safely share what they experience with the healer.  If required the healer can then guide the person to go deeper into what took place. The aim is to understand more deeply what occurred. Such insights may come, giving the understanding of what happened. The insights can create the opportunity for healing to take place. The healer then slowly brings the person back from the meditation to open their eyes again. Then the whole experience is reviewed.

If you have an interest in exploring this powerful method to transform the old, then please contact me.