Individual Transformation

The “Individual Transformation” program is a 5 step program that is tailor made to work in the areas that the individual requires to develop and transform. On a one to one basis I will guide you to trust your inner feelings. This will expand your consciousness and empower you to create positive changes in your life.

Have you been trying to understand what is preventing you from being in your power? Maybe you know what it is but find it difficult to transform. It could be a fear or a lack of energy to create positive changes.  It could be someone else who is negatively influencing you.

Can you imagine yourself being in harmony with the flow of life?  Where you are at peace with yourself and others? You are creative in all aspects of life and have a greater sense of joy in whatever you do.

The individual transformation program that will help transform what may be preventing you from following your intuition and heart.

The program that we follow is specifically made for what is required in your circumstances. This will be adjusted throughout the program accordingly to best suit your needs.

Extra study work can be given in-between each meeting to help clarify the process that is taking place within.

The program runs for 5 x 3-4 hour sessions every other week, which can be set for morning, afternoon or evening to suit.

I am an experienced therapist and energy guide that has been working in this area for over thirty years. My higher senses are activated which gives me the ability to see all forms of energy, such as the aura, etheric body and chakras.

If you wish to make an appointment or are seeking further information please click here contact.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself and the Universe, to understand that we are part of something bigger. A fantastic opportunity to transform our limitations and develop our potential. Ralph is a humble and wise teacher in this course, which I can warmly recommend for anyone looking for answers to many questions –  Maria