Courses and Workshops

All of the courses and workshops that I run help to expand logic far beyond the limitations it imposes. I give spiritual guidance in a number of key areas. Key areas of courses and workshops are meditation, health and wellbeing, the study of the aura and etheric body. Especially relevant in the courses and workshops are the study of the chakras. Because each chakra plays a vital role in maintaining a balanced mind, body, spirit and soul fusion. As a result better health is accomplished.

To experience channeling is a natural part of how I teach and guide. I use my higher senses, which gives me that ability to see and read the energy fields of my students. This can help me to assess their development and to guide them more deeply. I have the ability to see all forms of abstract energies, which are the aura and chakras. Being able to read the auras energy give added value.

In conclusion the courses and workshops will help expand your view of life beyond logic. As a result you will feel greater joy and peace within.

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